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Are you tired of being alone? Do you want to meet beautiful Ukrainian women?

“Ukrainian wife” - Is an international website for American men to meet Ukrainian women. We offer 2 different levels of service.

As a dating site we offer a monthly membership where you can view and correspond with the women registered on our site at your will and take care of everything yourself.

We also offer a matchmaking service where we will take a more direct and active interest in working with you directly and personally to help you find your perfect match, this may be with women registered on our site or with other women who don't want to be on a dating site but are interested in meeting and marrying an American man.

  • Matchmaking

    If you wish, you can contact with us directly and we will help to find your perfect match.


    It’s the core value of the website.


    We are open to everyone who really wants to find their soulmate.


    We do not work with the marriage agencies where many men are mislead. In our database we have only real women, who we have verified, who want real relationships. We aren’t sharing profiles that are available on many dating websites.

Our focus

Main purpose of the website.


We will translate your profile to Russian so the ladies can read it easier and we will also translate your first letters before you move to private communication.


We don’t work with the marriage agencies in Ukraine, we personally interview each woman registered on the website.


We do background checks on the female clients before any personal contact information is given to them.


We don’t pay any women who are clients of this website in any way.

One man's story

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Guys, let me tell you my story, it may sound very familiar to you or maybe it will just give you a little insight into the world of international dating and marriage. I found myself at the age of 50 being single, ay no one’s fault but my own, and looking for a new relationship. I decided that I wanted to meet and marry a woman from a foreign country because I wanted a woman with more traditional values than I was seeing here in the US. I did some research online and found that Ukrainian women had the character I was looking for. They have traditional family values on the roles of men and women in relationships, they are very family oriented, and appreciate the simple things in life. So like many other men I joined one of the online dating sites for meeting Russian and Ukrainian women.

I was amazed at the number of letters I got from all of these young supermodel looking women just within a few days of joining, I think that within a week I had over 1,000 letters in my inbox and I quickly learned that many of them were just form letters because I’d get the exact same letter from different women, in some cases they’d even have my name or their own name wrong in the letter. I started paying closer attention to the photos and began to be able to see how many were photo shopped. I communicated with many women even though I realized that many, if not all of them, were fake. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month writing letters at a per letter cost for reading the responses and even began to realize that some women would run up the charges, so to speak, by writing multiple letters a day.

I knew I was wasting money, but I had hope that I’d find a needle in the haystack. I opened a VK account, this is their version of Facebook, and began to search for these women in VK to see which ones I could find. I found quite a few but when I sent friend requests or messages I wouldn’t get any replies. Of course they would always have some excuse as to why we had to keep communicating through the dating website. Things like their VK account was hijacked, or they couldn’t translate the letters and needed the agency to do that, they couldn’t afford internet but the agency let them use a computer there. Yes, several even asked me for money. I knew I was being mislead, but to be honest it was fun to figure them out, and I still had hope.

Eventually there was one woman who I spoke to over some weeks and I found her profile in VK. I sent her a message in VK and got a response back saying “I’m sorry, but I don’t know you”. I understood that this was a woman who, at some point in time, had registered at a dating agency but had never received any of the letters I had been writing her. We began to communicate in VK and she explained to me that the dating agency had warned her not to answer men who found her in VK because it was dangerous to do so, but for some reason she answered me. We communicated quite a bit and a few weeks later I traveled to Ukraine to meet her. I was a bit nervous that she wouldn’t show up at the airport, or that someone else would, I even had some friends who thought I was crazy and joked about me waking up in my hotel room in a bathtub full of ice, missing a kidney! But still I went, and she was waiting for me! We had a great visit and a few months later we were married in the US. I have to tell you that I’m very happy! She is wonderful and has two bright and beautiful daughters as well! Her family made me feel very comfortable when I met them and I welcome them all as part of my family.

So after what we went through my wife decided to start this website so that other men and women wouldn’t have to go through what we went through to find each other. Like most Ukrainian women my wife has a huge heart and wants to help others and to see them happy!

Ron, the husband of the founder.

Our team

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Larysa Bilenka

My life slogan: “Do good”.
I’m happiest when surrounded by happy people and when I’m helping others and feel needed.
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Elena Buryan

Client Relations Manager
I’m cheerful, optimist, I keep my head held high!
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Tatyana Tzumbal

Client Relations Manager
Slogan: Go, go, go!!
I’m sociable, open and easy-going.
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Konstantin Petlya

Technical Support
I love the knowledge and new technologies.

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