About us

The website “Ukrainian wife” is here to help both men and women who are serious and definitely want serious relationships.

The founder of the website is a Ukrainian woman who married an American man, she had been registered on other “marriage” websites but was lied to by them and was never shown any men who had an interest in her.  That’s why the core principle of the website is honesty.

In Ukraine there are a lot of worthy women who want and deserve happiness and because of the dishonesty, to say it mildly, of the other websites who register Ukrainian and Russian women it is very difficult for them to meet foreign men, because the letters are written by the agency, not the woman who is registered, and many women who do meet men from those websites are concerned that they may be predators.  It’s a well known fact that the traditional “marriage” agencies make their profit from the fees charged to write letters.

The demographics of Ukraine are 55% women and 45% men over the age of 35, so it’s hard for women to meet men, in Ukraine, to get married and raise a family.

The main difference of the website “Ukrainian-Wife” is that we don’t work with any other marriage agency that acts as a mediator.  The women register by themselves, after that they are interviewed by an employee of the website to verify their information, and to make sure they aren’t an employee of a marriage agency registering fake profiles, copies of their passport documents are received and reviewed and since the interview is done face to face, or by Skype, we see that they are the person in the passport.  We work only with Ukrainian women because we want to be able to verify that these women are in fact real and we have the assets in Ukraine to do that, but not in Russia, but we do allow Russian women who live in Ukraine to register as we can check their documents.  You won’t find thousands and thousands of women on our website, but all of the women you do find here will be real.  Men registered on the website will also be checked before any private contact information of the women here are shared with them.

On our website letters shared between men and women are written directly by them, the number of letters that can be written through the website are 3, so you can write a woman three times and she can respond to you three times, after that the man can request her private contact information, if she wishes to continue, at this point the man will pay a fee and a background check will be done on him to verify his information, after that he will receive her contact information and can continue getting to know her outside of the website.  The three letters give you a chance to see if you want to pay the fee to get to know this person.

Gentlemen, we can assure you that the women registered on this website make no money from this website at all, they are here because they want to be here to find a partner in life, but we do ask you that if you have moved into private communication with a woman and she begins to ask you for money that you report her to us, we don’t want that happening through our website.  But in the same respect we ask you to be serious as well, these women are real and have real feelings, they are looking for relationships, not just sex, so if that’s what you want then please go to the other websites as you will have more luck finding women there who may meet your needs.

Thank you.