My advice for men

Dear men,

I consider it my duty to tell you about some of the things you should consider when starting a relationship with a Ukrainian woman.

I repeat once again …

All of the women on this website are real, all have been interviewed before their profile was put on this site, information about them is true.

This means that the women are not here just to correspond forever. She wants to start a real relationship and maybe even build a family. This means that she will be waiting to see action from you.

And please also remember to be a gentleman to these ladies, they aren’t here to play games with you, so please don’t play games with them.

If there is a desire between you and a woman that you meet here, to see each other in person, and that is the ultimate goal, the man should realize that he should come to Ukraine for that first meeting. If he, for some reason can not do this, you should discuss this issue at the beginning of your communication so as not to have an uncomfortable circumstance and a feeling of wasted time later if this isn’t acceptable to her. Women should realize that, in this case, she will have to fly to the United States first. I must say – as a woman – this is not easy. Of course, she will be concerned for her safety. The second difficulty can be getting a visa to the United States, It’s not easy to get, but a US citizen doesn’t need a visa to visit Ukraine. With this being said, It follows that it is easier and better for the man to come to Ukraine, and believe me, she will appreciate this act!  But, again, the man must have International passport.

Ukrainian woman

The next thing that is important for the man to know is… When planning your trip to Ukraine, expect to cover all of the costs. The flight, accommodations, meals, dinner together, etc. A good woman may offer to share the costs, but remember that there is a big difference between to economies of the US and Ukraine.

If you are nervous about flying to another country, not knowing the language, and meeting a woman who has no or little English skills, we can offer you some additional services.

We can arrange for an interpreter if you need and also to have someone meet you at the airport with or without your lady to help with communication, we can also offer to help in making arrangements for hotel bookings, car rentals and other transportation needs.

To do this, you need to contact our agency and we will help arrange your trip.

I hope that I have opened the essence of the first date with a woman interested in you.

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