Why we don’t work with agencies

I was a member of those agencies on the ladies’ side, and I did meet and marry an American man who was also a client of those websites, but even though the website gets some credit for our meeting it was only partially responsible, but you can read that whole story elsewhere on the website. Let me tell you what we learned about this business if you don’t already know.

In Ukraine the “Marriage Agencies” are a very popular business, everyone knows about the beauty of Ukrainian women, and to open one of these “Agencies” is quite easy, you can work from home, all you need is a photographer and a beautician to work with you, that’s all it takes to start working. The main part of the work is to find single women and convince them to register with your agency. A lot of women register just to get the free photo session and a visit to the beautician, it’s fun for them. Most agencies don’t even advertise for women, it’s just done by word of mouth when the girls tell their other single friends about their free beautician visit and photo session, sometimes it’s even an outing for multiple girls to go together. Another tact of the “Agencies” is to scan social websites to find beautiful women and then offer them the photo session and even entice them by saying they’ll get gifts too. Even when girls tell these, shady, agencies that they aren’t interested in meeting foreign men the agencies tell them that they don’t have to and it’s worth joining just to get some presents sometimes. There are also some women who are sincere in wanting to meet a foreign man and hopefully marry, these women are told that it will take time and to be patient, this is so the agency can use their profile to make more money. These women think they are dealing with professionals and trust them, keeping the hope that one day they will find their other half. There are agencies who don’t allow women to write any letters themselves and just give them copies of the communication, if they even do that at all, in many cases the women don’t even know which websites their profiles are put on and don’t have access to their accounts, sad but true! You have to remember that these “Agencies” make their money through the letters sent through the websites, so for every successful match they lose income! Often even when the men are given a private email address it’s a fake address that is still answered by an employee of the agency and their intention is to get the man back to the paying side of the website. These companies also make a good profit from gifts that men send to women through the website, they do this by either over charging for the gift or even just giving the women some smaller gift to let them take a photo of her with some beautiful flowers at a flower shop. And to make matters even worse its not just the agencies who are looking to take men’s money for nothing but there are also women who make a living doing this as well! They have another scheme, they write and write to men and even meet them, some have several men they are misleading at the same time, but it all boils down to them either getting free trips, gifts or even cash to help support them, from men who think these women love them! These women are experts at making excuses as to why they can’t see you, or why they can’t marry right now, or even why they can’t come visit you in the US, and trust me, they are very convincing! For the men who fall in love with these fake or deceitful women it’s a painful experience, not just some wasted money. The sad truth is that many of the real women who have registered on these websites and have actually met men were also taken advantage of, there are deceitful men in these websites too! These men too have figured schemes to get money from women, like needing to borrow cash for a flight or other things.

That’s why opening this website for me it’s so important that we are honest and truthful as our core principle. I want to convince you that in Ukraine there are a lot of beautiful, educated, and family oriented women who want to create a family with a foreign man. But after what we learned from the other websites it’s the main reason that we interview each woman face to face, or by video in Skype, so we know there are no fake profiles on our site. We don’t have a private photographer who Photoshop’s women to make them look even more beautiful. We work with women who have life experience and definitely want a serious relationship. I hope that I can help a lot of people to find happiness!

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